Why is therapy necessary?


I am on the inner path for over 40 years…

I should know what works…

I have seen so many people (10,000) on the inner path, and I have known directly that they are on the wrong path…

In previous times, you went to a spiritual master and surrendered … You had to do everything that the spiritual master wanted, or the master could kill you!!!

Yes, that was true for every spiritual master because he didn’t want to waste his precious time on an idiot who is playing just games instead to surrender.

For instance, the waiting list for a great Sufi master was 5 to 20 years… He didn’t accept any exception, everybody had to wait… And then you were given permission that he can do everything with you….

A mentor from me, told me when he was applying for the 5th Dan in Karate, he had to give the permission that his Japanese Master could chop his head at any single moment… No joke… Imagine, do you would be to 100% at the moment and do your best when you are in the Dojo with your master, and the saber is hanging on the wall?

And today we don’t need to give this permission our spiritual master…. Instead, we should make therapy so that:

1.) We learn to be in our heart instead to live in our head.
2.) We get rid of our obstacles (traumas) inside of us that hinder us to accomplish our spiritual and worldly goals…
3.) We purify our emotions with the therapy…
4.) We don’t play these terrible ego games anymore.
5.) We learn to live more in the here and now.
6.) We learn to give up our ego and to become humble…
6.) And so we don’t need the threat of the saber anymore…

And when I see these so terrible spiritual people, total in their head, fewer emotions, no faith, no love, no compassion, and speaking wise words that they never understood or have lived… In previous time their master would chop their head…

Today the spiritual masters are making a good living through their devotees… and don’t care!

I had the fortune that I was a disciple from Bhagwan, and he demanded that we make body and feelings orientated therapy… and he was dam right…

I don’t write that Bhagwan (Osho) was enlightened or a divine incarnation (that both never existed) or something else…

For the Sufis, Christian, Taoists, Buddhism doesn’t exist enlightenment (except for the Zen Buddhism) or a divine incarnation.
And all these spiritual titles are just an Ego-trip, and this I have learned over many years!!!

My Video: Why is therapy necessary? https://youtu.be/OUDgHuF6uz0
My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the end.
My Audio: https://rudizimmerer.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/5/Why+is+therapy+necessary.mp3

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