How to speak so that people want to listen?

The most powerful tool in the world is our voice…

How to use it so that people will listen to you?

Don’t do:
1. Don’t gossip.
Speaking ill of somebody who’s not present.
Because it will return so they speak badly about you.

2. Judging.
It is hard to listen to somebody who judges because you know he will judge also you.

3. Negativity or complaining
You can fall into it. It is hard to listen.

4. Complaining…

5. Excuses
Or blame others for your own mistakes… It is hard to listen.

6. Penultimate
This means: embroidery and exaggeration…
Ultimate exaggeration becomes lying…
Who likes people who lie to you?

7. Dogmatism
The confusion of facts with opinions.
You know, somebody is bombarding you with their opinions as if they were true.

How to talk so that people like to hear?.
There are 4 important cornerstones for our speech.

To greet or acclaim enthusiastically.

1. Honesty is clear and straight about what you say.
2. Authenticity is just being yourself. Standing in your own truth.
3. Integrity is your word, or do what you say. Being somebody can trust.
4. Love. Wishing people well for two reasons. If you love, you don’t judge that person and you don’t hurt that person for no reason or with your honest opinion.

How to use your voice?

1. register
You don’t speak out of your throat or nose…
At least you speak out of your chest… I think out of your belly is the best or even deeper…
Because we evaluate the depth with power.
For instance, If you speak out of your throat you do have anxiety…

2. Timbre
It is the way your voice feels

We appreciate voices that are rich, smooth warm…

3. Prosody
This is the sing-song, the meta-language…
That you don’t sound monotone that you feel what you say and charge the word with the right emotions.

4. Pace
Don’t speak too fast…
Slow down to emphasize what you mean…
And use breaks or pauses in your speech so that people have time to understand you.

5. Pitch
That you change your pitch in regard to what you say… For instance, Questions at the end with a higher pitch.

6. Volume
Use the correct volume
Get excited by using more volume and getting very quiet so that they pay more attention…

Before a speech warm up your voice…
6 warm-up exercises

1. Stand up, arms up
Deep breath in
And sight out with ahh, and lower your arms (the “a” like in car)

2. Warm up our lips
Speak Ba, ba, (the “a” like in car)

3. Brrrrrrrr with closed lips

4. Tongue exercise, mouth wide open and with exaggerated La, la, la
(the “a” like in car)

5. Roll on R (Rrrrrrr.)

6. Pitch you start with your highest pitch and go down to your lowest pitch and again up
Use weeeaaww, weeeaaww

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