How to speak with confidence?

I have put here some useful tips together….

1.) To sound smart
We all want to be smart, whether we are or not. Wittgenstein said: the greatest fool can become wise if he does what he feels…
We express our idea with our own language, don’t polish anything. And through that, you are in the flow with your wisdom, instead of pretending to be somebody else.

2.) Use the criticism from the others…
If we are controversial, then we give information that is new or not appreciate from the other people. In this case, we can receive intense criticism.

Don’t take it personally. Hear what the people say and ask them to explain further their criticism… Relax and hear. Look where both of you had been on the same page… Acknowledge that so the tension will diffuse. Look for common ground.

Apply the Strategy of Aikido…
You first follow the attacker and then you use his energy to bring him down. Instead of beating him up like the stupid Karate guys.

Appreciate his opinion. Say thank you for telling me your opinion

Look where his or your opinion is wrong. And then bring the solution for both.

3.) Look that he could verbal understand you. Have you spoken your opinion loud and clear enough? Repeat what you have said in different words and loud enough!

4.) Good posture will tell much better!
Look that your spine and neck are straight and your breast is open and forward… The knees should not be locked, should be relaxed and bend a little bit. As you have seen on TV, don’t lean backward, sit straight without support for your spine. This will give you much more confidence.

5.) Be physically fit and drink enough water… Easy to do…

6.) Serve the people

If we try to serve the people instead to polish our ego, we will have confidence. All these ego trips make it so hard to find the best solution for everybody. Always remember that you like to help the people and to be a vehicle for the best of everybody.

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