Why the Religions have failed and not God!

Because of the Religions:

Make huge money through their teaching.
Give the people a bad consciousness and then rob them out.
Overpower governments, people and squeeze them out.
Have a double standard/morality – the sexual and corruption scandals of the Religions are well known.
Made/make wars against other Religions in the name of the Lord.
Demonize people through witch pursuits and kill them as an enemy of the Lord…
Kill, enslave and rape nonbelievers of the Islam.
Accept slavery and wars.
Sexual abuse women, kids…
Torture people.
Misuse the donation for the poor people or victims in catastrophes and put the money in their own pocket.
Sacrifice human life for the benefit of the Lord.
Make active politics in the mosque, church, and temple.
Proclaim dishonest religious statements and rules to overpower and to discriminate women and certain groups of people.
Teach religion rules and history wrong!
Don’t allow to criticize their religion teachers, leaders or Gurus, even they are involved in cheating, corruption, sexual abuse of kids and have forbidden sexual affairs.

Who wonders, why the Mafia is going to the Catholic Church? Or what is worse the Mafia or the Catholic Church? I could not find an answer!!!!

Alone all of these examples above would be enough to make the lucrative business of the Religions an end, still, it continues!!

Because the people like to live in slavery, don’t like to think about the crime of the Religions. People rather like to stick to traditions that never had worked. The mass likes to kneel down in front of people in high positions and never question them!

Regardless where we look, everywhere we face the wicked guys who want power and wealth. And these people had created the religions, the scriptures after the saint passed by…
The next generations made their fortune from the stories of the saint, be them true or false.

When we blemish God for the crime of the Religions or for the dictators, the liars, and cheaters, then we don’t want to be responsible!

To complain is too simple, but very comfortable.

Until we don’t feel responsible or think we can’t do anything. Our fortune is in the hand of the wicked one and not in the hand of God!!!!

We support the wicked and not God!

Face it: to idealize a Religion, means to open the door for cheating, lying and to become the fanatic.

In Thailand, the Military Dictator checks the temples for corruption and want that they pay tax and open their books. The religious people are against that. Even the religious people prevent that the police can catch the most corrupt and criminal Abbot. So there must be something wrong with the religious people and the society.

Every Country should check their organized Religions like the Thai military government.

Gandhi said: Religion is man made and God has no Religion.

We can pray and surrender to God also without any organized Religion.

My Video: Why the Religions have failed and not God! https://youtu.be/IOnsPSYXf1U

My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the end.
My Audio: https://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/rudizimmerer/5/Why+the+Religions+have+failed+and+not+God.mp3

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