How to start the morning effective?

It needs just 1 minute to activate your meridians and so your entire body will benefit from that.

And even better you don’t need to cook a coffee to awake fully…

There are 3 exercises all need only 20 seconds for each exercise…

You start by clapping both palms of your hands together and then you rub both palms against each other together until they are warm. The best is, to do it before every one of these 3 exercises because it opens up the meridians of the hands and purifies the energy of your hands.

1. We cover with both palms, the area without the fingers, of our hands our both eyes and rub in circular motions for 20 seconds the skin around the eyes without touching the eyes. Just press gently on the skin. The eyes should be closed.
Afterward, you will feel that tingling sensation and that is normal…

It works because we stimulate so many nerves or acupuncture points with that.

2. We do the same with our ears. Both palms, the area without the fingers, cover both ears.
Rub in circular motions your ears with your palms for 20 seconds. Little pressure. You will hear that special sound; it feels a little bit uncomfortable…
Without pain, no gain!
And guess you get again that tingling sensation.

3. We tap with our fingers, the entire side of our finger-palm, our entire face including our neck for 20 seconds. Be gentle…
And guess you get again that tingling sensation.



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