How to Stop Compulsive Consumption?

First, we look, seriously, if we have an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCB) for consuming.
In this case we do have to do a therapy for that! No advise will help if we do have OCB for consuming.

1. Do we think that the purchase makes us complete?
We almost feel incomplete and do have a void that we want to fill…
But we never can solve that void or to feel complete by consuming anything!

If we are on the inner part to find ourselves and meditate, we don’t have that feeling to be incomplete or have a void that scares us…
Rather more, I love that void, because that void is God! And God will fill that void with bliss…

2. Do we like to hoard?
Naturally, we are all hoarders who want to hoard something for bad times or for the cold seasons…
But this is not necessary today…
We purchase only what we need right now and the rest of our money we save:
for bad times,
for taking vacations,
for something meaningful or something useful,
for investments…

3. Avoid all advertisements when you can.
Because the advertisement will stimulate our habit to consume. It is much cheaper to pay the 4$/month for YouTube ad free or for the TV channel ad free…
Don’t go for window shopping.

4. Replace shopping with
a more meaningful life,
enjoy your free time instead of watching TV, doing Facebook…

5. Interrupt your shopping impulses so that you have a chance to think of alternatives or to become what you want to be.

6. Are your life and working time full filling?
If we are suffering through our relationships or job, then the likelihood that we look for substitute satisfactions is very high…
Get your life that you appreciate, even with earning less money or with separating from your unhealthy relationships!

7. Do you consume because of missing out?
We often think that we miss out because of the situation that we are right now… For instance, the Covid lockout right now. If we are even more honest, we miss out of 99% what we want right now… The weather is bad, I don’t want to work or care for my family, or I want good sex right now with an amazing partner…
So what, we do have to wait instead to consume; that never will give us anything good.

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