It is just a handicap…

We hear the finest classical music from a guy who could not hear and even had a tinnitus.
The guy was composing masterpieces of music and never have heard that…
This was Ludwig van Beethoven.

I by myself was growing up told from my family I am too stupid…
Cannot learn even my natural language correct.
I was a dyslexic, stutterer…
And I got abused every day physical and verbal with harsh words or physical violence.
How could I have got out of this situation?

I read the best of Reader’s Digest (translation in German).
I read this every day.
And that gave me the power that I can do everything or what I wanted.

I wanted to become an engineer.
I went on a low-grade school had only a little chance…

Don’t believe your family, if your family discourages you to get what you want or become what you want.
It is just an obstacle.

We all have handicaps.

And the people with the biggest handicap became often the greatest.

Where is a will there is a way (Schopenhauer).

We don’t care for any punishment that we get when we follow our own path.

It is better to get punished than to become an average idiot.

In the Thomas Evangelin (was found 100 years ago) we can read:
That sheep that leaves the flog is my dearest and it is more valuable than the entire flog.

Or read from Richard Bach, Johnathan Livingston Seagull…
And the Seagull Johnathan chose his own path… and he got what he wanted.

The society teaches us we should do what we can at best and the other things we should skip.
This means we never can learn anything what we are not good.
So, we should exclude what we cannot do good enough, or what we cannot do.
For instance, we don’t need to become a Beethoven to make music.
If we have fun and enjoy making music, then we do it even it is not perfect.

The next wrong teaching is money and success are the most important things, So we should focus on money and success.
If you do so we never will become happy.
Because we become greedy and nothing is good enough…
A greedy person cannot become happy.
Instead to become happy with the things that we own or can already…
Be thankful for that.

We have different choices in our life.
To do the things that we like and learn what we like regardless of the outcome.
If we have fun with that is enough.
Then there is no must to become something or gain something.
And where is no must there is joy…



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