How to treat traumas or PTSD?

A Trauma is very strong negative emotional arousal through a personal catastrophe, nightmares, dramatic event… And afterward, we don’t like to remember that event and even we are afraid to let go of our negative emotions by feeling them.

PTSD is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

What is PTSD?
PTSD has at least these 3 components.
1. Experience symptoms.
2. Arousal.
3. Avoidance.

1. People experience vivid intrusive memories, nightmares and dramatic events.
2. This leads to physical and emotional arousal.
3. This leads to Avoidance because we don’t like that. The people push away these painful memories and avoid situations that remind them of their painful memory.

These avoidances of our traumatic memories:
Prevent the healing of our traumas.
Blocks our brain to be productive.
The brain loses its ability to focus.
Problem to sleep.
Even worse, our behavior and emotions change how we feel.

So why do we get that PTSD.
Our brain and body need to process this painful memory, like a fish need to swim, and if we suppress that, we get that PTSD.

Every being wants to stay safe.
Safety depends on predictability.
Predictability depends on conquering chaos.
So human beings are not good for conquering chaos.
We need order to function well.
We memorize automatically any chaos that we experience and not so our save secure life experience.

For instance, if we are confronted with a clown in the supermarket, we automatically ask ourselves why is that clown here in the supermarket, because we are afraid of new situations.

PTSD is much more, it is connected with deep and strong overwhelming emotions.
We are confronted with the fear of an unexpected event, and for that our brain cannot process, register, or memorize that event as normal and store it…
At that moment our whole world or belief system is shaken…
What to do? …
We cannot function anymore.

And then we look to avoid similar situations or that memory of that trauma…
And that makes everything worse.

How we should treat our traumas so that they don’t influence our life anymore…

These dramatic events are changing our lives for the worse.
So, we should expose that worse experience or trauma in a safe environment until we don’t have any negative emotions anymore connected with that trauma.
Or we should experience that trauma again and again until we have our trauma under our control and don’t have any fear to experience similar dramatic situations.

For instance, when we, my girlfriend and me, had that miscarriage, I avoided seeing babies for at least 3months. Even I worked so hard on that trauma with my therapist.
Or when I survived that big Tsunami, I never wanted to go back to India where I lived.
And then I experienced again, my Tsunami trauma when we had a Tsunami alert at our

The most successful therapy for PTSD is EFT. Even it worked for Vietnam veterans of the Vietnam war, who could not sleep well for decades…
Where all the other therapies failed, EFT has the highest Track record from over 80% for healing of Traumas.

I learned also Bioenergetic, Biodynamic…
These therapies are only for people that are strong enough to face their traumas again.

Then I learned Hypnosis and it worked where all the other therapies do not work when people can’t remember that trauma anymore.

The eye-movement treatment has also good results, I learned that too.


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