I can not

I can not
When I was growing up, it was not possible, without abuse to say “I can not”… Why? After the Second World War Germany was destroyed, and everybody had hard to work to get back on track… And then the Germany Miracle happened… just by omitting: “I can not.” What happens if you say in Germany “I can not”? Direct response: You can, -You are lazy; You don’t like; Where is a will, there is a way… And this is working. Imagine you come in a difficult situation, then inside you hear: “I can not…” If we still like to go with this “I can not:” then we train us to become unable and in crises we will completely fail. Because in crises we are facing our limits and then we have to go beyond that we thought in the first place is not possible… This means we are getting challenged, so we have to go beyond our comfort zone and through this we become more…
The “I can not” attitude is choosing mainly the “comfortable”…The Vedanta is saying if you have the choice between the “good” and the “comfortable” chose the “good”, because the “comfortable” is mostly of the time evil. “I can not” is the best attitude to suffer and never to change the life… because “I can not”. With this “I can not” we victimize us…. And then self pity…
What to Do ?
Without hesitating or thinking, Do it…
Substitute the “I can not” with: “I am lazy” and then do it…
Substitute the “I can not” with “I don’t like”….
Substitute the “I can not” with : “How can I do it?”…
Substitute the “I can not” with : “I try my best” or “I do my best” and the results are in Gods hands…
Substitute the “I can not” with : I do my best for God and surrender the results to God!

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