Loosing Face

Loosing Face
Imagine you build up a great life, with high prestige, you own a good car, a house, and have a spouse, kids, a high position and then crash…
And this scenery had happened to so many people including me (many times) … Imagine you are a bird sitting on a branch, you have eaten too much delicious insects and the branch brakes, no problem you fly away…
The problem are: that we are too identify with our life, this builds up in us tension and fear; that we are afraid of loosing what we already had accomplished… This tension and fear to loose/ fail attract even more that we fail…For the bird it is no problem it flies away…. There is a great German Quote: Until you’ve lost your reputation, you never realize what a burden it was or what freedom really is…. What can we loose? We are loosing only an illusion. Many Billionaires/Millionaires had been several times bankrupt and then they started from scratch new and became rich again. Because we can’t loose our attitude, habits …. when we are loosing our face…. The attitude, habits, experience, know how are the reasons, why we became that we are right now. And the fear is the reason that we have lost our face, because we attract what is inside of us. It is really good for us, that we imagine to loose everything, so that we get rid of our fear to fail…. The feelings are driving our life and not our thinking… Get rid of the fear and life will bloom…

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