Learn to criticize yourself!

Then miracles will happen.


If we know, what we are making wrong, only then we can change.

This makes sense,… Mostly of all people think that they know themselves.

Oscar Wild said I am by myself the greatest mystery…

Actually, we don’t even know our self…

And if we make mistakes then we blemish the other people….

In relationships, other people see us much better, than we see ourselves…
Because we are blind by our mistakes, short longings, bad habits and …

I had a girlfriend in Munich and I was living in Bremen (800km distance). On a beautiful day in Munich, I visited her. Before that, I recognize that mainly all Munich citizens had been in a bad mood, because of the Foehn wind (the Foehn is changing the people’s moods when they live in such area).

I arrived and she was nagging on me like crazy, I could not bear that and escaped to the English Garden… After some time I realized, she was the embodiment of my inner child, that was nagging like her…

I came back to her, and without saying anything; she said, that she had been stroked from a cognition, that she was treating me badly because of her bad mood…

The Sufis are saying, that the spouse is a reflection of ourselves;
so all that we see on bad habits, mistakes that we have also somehow inside of us….

The Saint Krishnamurty said, you are the world, what you see that you are.

or Goethe said, your own sins you find first on other…

And it is really magic, if we recognize in the right moment our mistake then the outcome will change….

Self-knowledge is the first step for improvement….

My Video: Learn to criticize yourself! https://youtu.be/pLPlsI0df9w

My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the end.
My Audio: https://rudizimmerer.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/5/Learn+to+criticize+yourself.mp3

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