Liver cleanse and blood detox

Afterward, you look much younger!

Why is it important to cleanse the liver?

What does the liver do?

Create digestive juices for the digestion of fat, proteins…
Detox the blood from all kinds of poison so also drugs, alcohol…
Produces hormones and Cholesterol.

Cholesterol is actually good, because it helps the body to survive! If you have a high blood cholesterol then the body is fighting against some life-threatening diseases, inflammation… If you lower the cholesterol in the blood by stupid western drugs you will die earlier. You have to address directly the cause of the high cholesterol level to lower the cholesterol!

With the liver detox comes so much benefit for the whole body… and you need just only one herb to do so …

ALL SKIN problems are related to the Kidneys and Liver…
Just to smear some cream on it will NEVER work out!

I am reading the Bestseller: Heal your face naturally, by Markus Rothkranz
-All of our symptoms of our diseases are showing up in our face…

If you detox your body, then the symptoms of your diseases are disappearing…
And so, our face looks much healthier…

And for that is for instance the Panchakarma of the Indian Ayurveda.

I had over 2 years rashes on the skin of my face…
I tried out every natural cream… no results.

Then I got these cleansing Kiyome Kinoki Detox Foot pads. (Awful cheap in Thailand 200THB ($6) for 100 foot pads) These foot pads will detox the blood.

After one night my skin rashes disappeared…

But even better, I got bitten by a stingray in my foot in the ocean.
The pain was so huge… Even I was in the hospital, there was no remedy.
I stuck one of this very cheap Detox foot pads on my foot sole and one above the wound… 20 minutes later the pain was over….!

Additionally, I have detoxed my colon/ intestines… with white clay and Psyllium Husk.

Then I detoxed my liver with this magic herb ‘Milk Thistle’.
Milk Thistle is famous for detox of the liver.

It is used also in the Chinese medicine named as da jiu or shi fei ji.

The Milk Thistle will help:

To detox your liver.
To detox your body from 90% of toxin.
Hepatitis b.
Boost up immune system.
Lower cholesterol naturally through healing inflammation and to detox…

Prescription:150 to 400mg capsule, Milk Thistle, twice a day take with food.

I got 400mg capsule Milk Thistle for my 75Kg body weight and my girlfriend (55Kg) took the same.

The next day you will see your dark eye rings disappeared, skin diseases are getting better….

For instance, the pimples of Allergy from my girlfriend healed and no itching anymore.

For the normal detox you take the Milk Thistle for 10 to 20 days…
You should not take the Milk Thistle more than 8 weeks.

Consult your doctor before you take Milk Thistle…

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