Questions that transform your life.

By Jim Kwik

He is a Coach for celebrities to learn, and to accomplish more.
Author from “Limitless” and books about Improve memories.

How to understand what drives you most…?

We have in our brain 60000 questions that drives our lives and for all questions we have to find the answer/solution…

Are these questions the best for us?
If not, we have to change that.
If we change our dominant question, we change our life!

First, ask:

What are your dominant questions?
What are You engaged at most?
What you love most?

Are these the things that you do want for your life?

Find out what limits you…

Second, ask:
What are the labels that we put on ourself and other on us?

The Life is the C between B and D…
B birth, D is Death, C is Choice.
Life is about our choices that we do.

Wrong choices lead to losses.
Right choices bring you where you want to be.

My question is: What are God choices for our lives? … Where you should be?

What to do if we are in a difficult situation that we don’t like?
How can we motivate us?

Ask these questions:

How can I make it better?
What is the gift when I go through it?
How can I learn or do it in a more enjoyable matter?
What can I learn that is useful for my life?
Can I teach what I learn by these circumstances?

3 questions to put your knowledge into power.

1. How can I use it?
2. Why must I use it…? –
You need the reason to use it… Find your emotion, the motivation, and the drive to do it.
3.When will I use it? You need to set your ideas in action!

How to take notes?

When you learn something from a workshop/video:
You divide the page into two pages; from up to down you draw a line.

On the left side of the page:
You take notes to capture the things.
What you understood and your impressions.

On the right side
You create notes. You make notes, how can I use it…

Protecting your time, learn to say no…
Because otherwise you are stressed out.

If you don’t say completely yes, let it, discard it so that you do the things where you are fully committed and have your fun…!

The “Burnt Out” symptom is caused from, you do too much what you don’t like or too little what you like.

What can we learn from old people?

The regrets of older people were:
Afraid not to fulfill the expectation of other people.
They have done things that they should do because of parents, spouse… and that stole them too much time!

If we die our possessions nor our regrets are important!
It is important how we have lived our life, and have we been happy!

In an interview of Jim Carrey, Jim Carrey said:
I want to free people from concern of others… that limits us.
I want to give the people the permission to be them-self, regardless of what other people think because the expectation of other people limits us…
And that hinder us to try out something new!

If you start something new, begin with the end of what you want to accomplish…
First, you invest what does it bring to you.

If you try out something new:

You have to get over your fears…
Get good at it.
Do you like that or not?

For self-care

Learn when you say YES to somebody that you don’t say NO to yourself.
Put borders on your time, heart and emotion, reduce the stress and unpleasant moments.
That is necessary for Selflove.

My Video: Questions that transform your life.
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