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Love is a good component of longevity

Today, isolation is the trend.

But we need a community.

And isolation will increase our depression and negativity.

We hear stories from old people who got back their health by loving, or through a new loving relationship.

On the other hand, a bad relationship can destroy our life and our health.

A new loving relationship will give our lives a purpose, so we care for a person and open up our hearts…
Love is a medicine for our spirit/mind and body.
And the Chinese prove that, if we share our sex with another person, we can heal our bodies.

If we have a deep connection to another person, it changes our gene expression…
Our social interactions are shaping our genes positively or negatively, – when we are in a toxic relationship…

I could witness my parents in a toxic relationship so that I decided never to be in a toxic relationship…
My childhood was hell, I never had experience love…
What to do?

I took so much and many therapies (bioenergetic, encounter, primal, Tantra,…) combined with meditation to open my heart and heal my body.
I was engaged in so deep loving relationships that I experience God…

For the very famous therapists, I became a miracle, they never could witness such a big positive shift in a person’s life than from me. That has happened even within 9 months and my body healed from my chronicle diseases…
I surrendered my life to love and did what the therapists did recommend to me.

If we are in a loving relationship with sex, then our body activates the healing processes…
Without sex, it will not work!
Because, suppression of sex leads to severe diseases, like cancer and to obesity.

What is the biggest lecture from marriage and divorce for health and longevity?

To find happiness.
To have a solid love affair.
We can heal our traumas from our childhood caused by our relationship with our parents.
And these traumas are the main reason why we are struggling in every relationship.
The healing of our traumas is essential for healing our bodies and longevity.

Still, people think without Therapy and meditation, we can get such loving relationships and heal our body and mind…
This is not possible for most people! We need help from qualified therapists, to fix our life problems and our relationship…

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