Love is if we do…

something for our parents to become loved by them?
And afterward, we have learned to suppress our emotions to get beloved?
And then we isolate ourselves from the other people to pretend that everything is OK, even we feel more isolated.

Then we get depressed and suffer by isolation that we have created to get love…

We run after a love that never has existed in the first place…

To become beloved through pretending and suppressing our emotions and desires is not love at all!

Love is when we love the whole person, regardless of what!

The baby of my friend was crying, then an ugly, over fat woman, put the baby in her arms and the baby smiled… Later, I saw this over fat woman when her 23 years old son arrived; they didn’t have seen each other for a week… and they were embracing each other with so much love…

Yes, love is needed, nothing more!
Wonderful parents have to teach their child morality to become a marvelous person and that with love and without suppressing the children’s emotions.

Why do parents desire to suppress the emotions of their kids?

To make their life easier and to get a trained dog instead of a vivid child…

This training to suppress the children’s emotions is brainwashing and torture!

Because the kid is getting more and more isolated from their true self and other people.

And then it suffers inside…

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