Manager disease or suicide?

Our great managers are driven from their goals and when they lose their position or become over 50 years, they die…

This is great for our pension and health system and for the widows… An old statistic shows that 80% of the wealth is in the hand of the widows in the USA….

And our society, even supports this… Steve Jobs (Apple founder), Bruce Lee are the great heroes for mainly all people… But these great heroes have never enjoyed their lives and were driven from their unhealthy Appeal/Recognition/Fame addiction…

For the psychology is that a disease of Insanity, Work-alcoholic or/and Megalomania…

Have these great managers lovely and healthy relationships?

For instance, Jacki Chan the most successful and highest paid action actor… I don’t know what is love… For me is most important to be famous…

Psychology: A healthy person needs to love himself.

Our society is driven to compensate our lack of self-love with worldly things like:

Money, fame, goods, sex, drugs and Rock N Roll.

If we would love ourselves, we would not run after worldly things, would be happy with what we already have and need… and luxury, like smartphone… would be not appealing to us…

It is hardly to convince a high-profile manager to live a healthy lifestyle with healthy relationships and without huge stress…

Because these managers need their trill to be very important, – Lack of self-love..

For them is most important to be very important and to have as much as possible power over people and the environment…

The famous Psychotherapist Alfred Adler has proved that the very strong desires to be very important and to have very much power over people are caused through deep rooted minority feelings. Most of the politicians have severe minority feelings so they try to compensate that, with power over people and to be very important. Makes sense!

And they are greedy for money, wealth, luxury – and that is substituted satisfaction.

They want everything under their control, so also their entire life… Space for spontaneity and love is not in their planes… If they fail in one area of their life they feel like failures and so try to compensate that with their business life…

And what is missing? Love…

All you need is love!

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