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The Mass is always wrong!

My Video: The Mass is always wrong!

Or why people don’t like to help in an accident…
There was a study ( published: Psychology Today), if the first 3 people who arrive at a car accident, don’t help the accident victim/victims; for the next people it will be more difficult to help, because of the group pressure not to help. If there are more than 20 people looking and not helping, it will be very difficult to help….this means the only looking people will even abuse or hindrance the helper….

The philosopher Earl Nightingale said it simple…. If there are two groups, a big group and a very small group going in opposite directions, and we always chose to follow the small group in our life, we will make rather no mistake in our whole life…. This means, mostly of the time the mass is wrong….

For instance, I went trekking in Nepal; in the night I entered the hotel restaurant…. and the porters/ mountain guides were smoking, and the tourists were sitting on a fare most distance table and not smoking…. I got angry, immediately I said, it is not aloud to smoke inside, smoking causes cancer…. I don’t like to eat here, please send my salad to my room. Maybe l am intolerant…. never less they stopped smoking…. Still I didn’t like to sit there, because of the group pressure against me.

Imagine if there would be war and nobody (soldier) will be there, there would be no war, and almost every war was wrong…
We have to decide for ourself, what is right or wrong, instead to follow blind a group….

In marketing it means, that we ignore social proof for a product, instead to chose for ourself what is the best…. I look up for instance always Amazon for reviews or other sources, if this is possible….

For the spiritual seeker: The sheep that doesn’t follow the flock, I (this means God) prefer more than the whole flock (Thomas Evangelin). Here is again true, follow your own way, make your own experience, instead to follow blind a group… regardless how that looks for others. This means we can still learn from Gurus and we don’t have to adapt to everything that he/she is saying!

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