Models are the most lonely girls

Do you wonder?

Women don’t like to be together with women who are much more attractive than themselves! Because they are afraid that the model will pick away their men…

You go to a party, and the model gets the most attention and you as a normal woman hate that…

What is with the men?

Men are afraid to get rejection…

They put the model on a throne and adore them as a goddess …
The men are even so afraid of models that they never will date a model….

Because they don’t have confidence….

Me as a shy guy, I had quite a lot of talks with the most beautiful women, models, like 2 Miss Thailand, one is living in my area and is married… Still, I had not the bones to date them… Even they are nice and friendly. Because I was stupid!

Common, if you can drive a Toyota you can also drive a big Mercedes or BMW!

There is no difference!

You can date a model like all the other women. Don’t behave like a creepy guy or a guy with super anxiety… They are normal beings who need a boyfriend…

Because most of all guys have huge anxiety problems to approach a model…
Just go to her and ignore her beauty… She has the same features only in different proportions like all the other women.

Have compassion for her that she is so lonely…

Share your love with her and be happy that you can be together with her…

Where to find Models?

Easy, wait in front of a model agency for a model. If she is leaving the agency to follow her and try to contact her …. I am new here, do you know where I find a good restaurant,… invite her…

Have luck…

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