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Money healing

Basic steps to heal our money beliefs from Ken Honda.
Ken Honda is called the Money healer in Japan and he sold over 8 Million books on money healing. He speaks also English perfectly.

We do have a long list of hurts and wounds that need healing. This is where we can let go and resolve decades of pain that build up over time. We hang onto those negative emotions, beliefs, stresses, and traumas for years and years, which affects our perspective, attitude, and outlook on life. It changes what choices we make and how abundant and happy we allow ourselves to feel.

Relax and don’t be disturbed from outside.

Answer these 5 questions for yourself.

A. What is money for you?

Is it a perfect thing?
Is money distorted in your mind?
Is money a demon?
Is money hurting you?
Can you embrace money?

B. What do you experience with money in your life?

Lovely, fun, or traumas, dramas…

1. Were on many occasions money, cursed, abused, or trouble?

From the perspective of money as a person:

2. Was money a happy person?

3. Was money hurt through you, friends, or relatives?

Money doesn’t have any intention to hurt you…
Money is just a neutral energy.

People blamed money for all the mistakes that they have done…

Imagine money as a person in front of you…

4. Is money a happy person?

Give your love and positive emotions toward money.

5. What kind of relationship do you want to have with money?

6. Do you want to have a new and better relationship with money?

7. If you can choose any future what would you want it to be?

8. What would be your ideal situation with money?

9. Do you want to be in a situation where you don’t have to worry anymore about money?

10. Or do you want to have plenty of money?

11. Or do you have any big dreams with money?

12. Do you want to have enough money to keep your dreams alive?

5 Secrets about money wounds?

Old money wounds still hurt today.

If you get hurt over money, it brings old traumas about the money back…

Healing comes from understanding.

Healing comes from forgiveness.

Can you forgive yourself for making a mistake?

Can you forgive your parents, and friends for making a mistake?

Replace your resentment with gratitude.

When we need money at most, money turns backward…

Can you feel your resentment or frustration with money?

Let go the past with compassion.

6 Healing Steps.

Step 1. Heal your money:

Remember your past money trauma.

Do you think that you are not worthy to get the things that you like?

What are your fears?

How and why does money control you?

What have you been brainwashed to believe?

Without money, you can’t do anything…

Money is never around to support your dreams.

Step 2. Heal your money:

Understand why it happened?

Why didn’t you get the things that you wanted?

Step 3. Heal your money:

Accept what you learned isn’t your fault and it isn’t your parent’s fault

Step 4. Heal your money:

Realize healing comes from understanding & forgiveness.

Can you understand that? So that you can let go?

Step 5. Heal your money:

Go into your memories and forgive your parents or/and yourself.

Step 6. Heal your money:

Feel compassion for your parents.
That will free you from depression, guilt,

Final Step. Heal your money:

Forgive yourself too!
For not being perfect.

What does a healed life look like?

You feel more energized and hopeful.

Do you feel more courageous?

Do you want to take more risks?


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