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My experience with the ice bath

First, I proclaim that the ice bath will not cure every disease and that Wim Hof’s methods are dangerous and have already killed at least 13 people!

Second, my friends thought, when they saw my YouTube, (cool down Netanyahu) the plunge into the ice bath was dangerous and wanted to prevent me. And this will happen also to you!

My life changed for the better,
my weak bladder normalized,
I got a much higher focus and could let go of all the distractions.
Can go easier early in bed.
Enjoy my life more.
Feel so fresh and excited after the ice bath plunge.
Got healthier, was already healthy.
When the water is nearly 0 Celsius, so you have ice every day, the health benefits increase dramatically. For instance, my bladder got healed.

Coming from Northern Europe, with temperatures in the winter time between -10 and -20 Celsius… and doing Sauna with ice bath every week…

Honesty, I had no problem at all to make the plunge in the ice bath.

I make every day, one time, in between my workouts the ice bath plunge for 2 minutes, so that I don’t sweat. And 4 times per week, after sweating in my infrared blanket sauna, (price is 50$) I plunge in the ice bath.
The Expert for ice bath and Sauna, Prof. Dr. Sörenberg, recommends, that we should do warm-up exercises after the ice bath plunge. And not the horse stance, recommended by W. Hof!

I chose a cheap chest freezer with 420l and only 180W for the hot climate in South Thailand…

I bought a cheap thermostat and timer with an additional relay and upgraded it later with a UV filter and a dirt filter.

When the outside temperature increased I got the ice bath not below 6 Celsius and needed up to 1200W/h every day… The temperature is controlled by a thermostat in conjunction with a timer (you need a timer!).
The chest freezer could not work effectively. Because of a misconception about the new chest freezer.

I modified the chest freezer and everybody can do so, then the result:
The water in the Chest freezer is nearly 0 Celsius with ice on the water and only 900Wh per day when the outside temperature of the chest freezer is above 33 Celsius.

The price of this ice bath is below $500.
The disadvantage is that you have to buy ice packs to get the water initially ice cold and then the chest freezer keeps the water cold.

There is no ready-made ice bath that can compete…
you need at least 6 times more power,
the cooling system is very noisy,
you never can go below 2 Celsius even at a cool place, and in a hot place 4 Celsius,
and the price is 10 times higher.

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