Why we need a healthy lifestyle?

My Video: Why we need a healthy lifestyle? https://youtu.be/9Ppl2BZW9F0

As a happy and successful person we must understand that it is crucial for us to be healthy. All kind of sickness will affect somehow more or less our happiness and success. Today 25% – 30% of the people of the developed countries have severe heart diseases, cancer and diabetes… This means nearly every body is ill. If we think that the doctors/health insurance are responsible for our health, than we are out of our control of our life….

For instance… all kind of Western heart medicine makes us more ill (the American Doctor Association had proved on a research of 48000 heart patients over the length of 18 years… that with heart (or lowering blood and cholesterol) medicaments 3 times more death on not heart related diseases and 4 times more heart attacks). Or cancer…. all cancer medicaments have caused much more the death, than without Western medicament. Because the Western Medicaments weaken our immune system, and every day 13000 cancer cells are attacking our body…. how would it be to strengthen our immune system…? Dementia is caused from Western medicine…. Diabetes is caused from industrial food (120 years ago only 0.0028% had diabetes). You find the links at the end….

Our food is crucial for our health. For a healthy body we need enzymes, vitamins and enough healthy bacteria for our bowels in our food (if not enough healthy bacteria in our bowels, our immune system is getting weak and also our digestion). The today industrial processed food has no enzymes, no usable vitamins, is destroying our healthy bacteria in our bowels, makes our body acid (that promotes cancer and heart diseases), pollutes our blood vessels (heart attack and brain stroke), makes us fat, and has many poison ingredients inside, from the production and cheap ingredients. Even worse is the meat, poultry and fish production is total acid for our body and for instance in chicken is arsenic, in meat and fish products are Antibiotics, heavy metals, ostrogen,…. Only junk food like Pizza, French fries, ketchup is worse.

If I see today what the industrial processed food had done to the Indian and Nepalis…. Within 20 YEARS when the Indians and Nepalis were eating industrial processed food, they became sick and fat. In addition the meat had destroyed their health. Before was the traditional Indian food without meat, fat, oil – only beans, vegetable, fruits and rice. The health was great and the bodies strong and thin.

If we would omit white sugar… cancer cells need 16 times more sugar than normal cells, white sugar promotes heart diseases, diabetes, kills vitamins, kills healthy bacteria in our bowels…

If we would omit oil (cold pressed oil is okay)… oil clogs our blood vessels (heart attack and brain stroke) makes the digestion difficult, makes fat…

For sure we need enough body exercises, sleep and time to relax.

Ask yourself, why you can’t adapt to a healthy life style. In which situation is the craving for junk food? If you are happy and fulfilled can you adapt to a healthy lifestyle?

The best food are: fresh unsweetened juices, green smoothies, raw vegetables and fruits…..eat it before your main menu (wait a half hour)and eat every day fermented unboiled vegetables for healthy bacteria in your bowels or take probiotics.

I suggest:
In the morning after you get up drink 1/2l warm water with grinded ginger, lemon or citron juice, and if you like with real honey…. This will make your immune system strong and purify your body.
Then make body exercise and self massage for at least 1/2 hour… This makes you strong…

For breakfast take a green smoothie without white suggar…. if you want it sweet and appeasing your hunger add ripe bananas and real honey.
Or drink unsweetened fresh pressed juice from fruits or vegetable…
Or eat only fruits….

Eat one time fermented unboiled vegetable a day (7 spoonful)….that will replace the bad bacteria in our bowels with good bacteria and gives as so much health, or take probiotics.

If you do only these alone you will be much more healthy. It will purify your blood vessels, makes your immune system and body strong.

And during the day eat as much raw fruits/vegetables if possible….After consuming fruits don’t eat anything for a half hour… and don’t eat fruits as desert…. because the fruits will stay long in your stomach and get rotten….
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Dr John Bergman heart diseases 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uli7Zf-x01Q



How to strengthen our Immune system?



Diabetes cure from Dr. John Bergman You tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-g0x0m0UYw0

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