Never be lied again.

These 3 kinds of questions were developed by the CIA to get the truth out of everybody.

So those will work also for us.

1# The punishment question.
We have problems distancing ourselves from the actions that we have done…
If we want to find out who did it, then we can use this question.

We ask the delinquent:
When we figured out who did it, what should be the consequences/punishments for that action/crime?
Then we are looking for the answer to how severe (1. Severity) should be the punishment and we are looking for the pronouns that he/she is using.

A. Someone who did not commit this crime… Is very harsh, he doesn’t care about the punishment, because it doesn’t happen to him.
The pronouns he used, are mostly he, she, or this loser, guy,… should get fired…

B. Someone who did that crime (Guilty) will respond with a much lighter punishment, which makes sense.
If the punishment that he/she recommends is not a punishment at all, then this guy has done it or wants to protect someone who had done it.
The pronouns, they are using are mostly I. For instance, who did it, if I had done it, I don’t like to go into jail… Listen everybody makes mistakes, I would not like to be grounded for a week.

2# Question: Out of the book Spy – lie, It is a presumptuous question… This question should psychologically break down the delinquent/their entire story.
This kind of question must be always specific to the situation.

This question starts with: Is there any reason…
Your laptop got stolen in your office… And you ask: is there any reason that you have been seen in my office?
It is not a direct accusation. It is indirect, innocent, and wage (you don’t give the person’s name who has seen him)…

For the delinquent, his entire story that he could not have done is crumbling…
Because there is evidence…
A. A person who didn’t have done it, will answer no, or why you ask a such question…

B. The person who had done it, is getting nervous… He might give some excuses why they have been in your office, or you see some deceptions. – Like the delinquent is getting angry, and offensive. Just in case you are wrong.- Have an excuse, sorry it might be not true…

For instance: You left your kids alone on the weekend and thought they have done a party on the weekend.
You ask: Is there any reason, our neighbors would have seen many cars on our premises on Saturday night? And then again, you start to see deceptions.
Next example: In starting a new relationship… Is there any reason somebody has seen you with somebody else? It is not an accusation!

3# Question: Volatile conundrum… The construction question

You tell a small white lie in order to verify if something is truthful or deceptive.
You apply this kind of question, for finding out if someone was at a different place than he is telling…

I ask my kids where have you been last night?
And they say we were at their friend’s.
But I think they were at a party…
You say: I heard Jimmies parents are renovating the kitchen when you have been there…
What is the reason for that, was there a disaster?
Then it becomes difficult to answer this question.- (Because there was no kitchen renovation)
If your kid was not there… Your Kid has to lie.
If the kid was there, the kid would answer what you are talking about…
In this case, you answer, Oh, sorry I don’t know if this was true…

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