Never get lazy to achieve your goal.

What is the difference between peak performance and optimal performance?

If you are a football star or singer you train for a week or so, how to get that peak performance in the stadium or on the stage to become great…

Normal people don’t need peak performance, we need to perform optimal to every situation…

Regardless how well we perform…

If we try always our best, then we are many times tired, unable and fail.

Still, it is good enough, because we have tried our best.

Our attitude is to try our best without being the best that we can be under certain conditions.


What is the difference between self-discipline and to work with discipline towards a goal…?

The self-disciplined person likes routines and certainties and so cannot match up so easily with the new situation… He is not flexible and adaptive and has not so much faith going through the darkness to reach his goal…

If we want to reach effective a goal, we need to be flexible and adaptive.

A long-term goal can throw us in an uncertainty or in the darkness where we need the faith to go further… Our previous learned routines can become our biggest obstacles. Our faith brings us the success…

If we continuously work toward a goal, we don’t get distracted from our success or failure.

How to get motivated?

To chunk down a goal in many steps with rewards.
To create a reward system before starting.
So that we get by every step forward a reward…
That keeps us motivated for a long-term goal…

How to get certainty and confidence?

You build up a plan for your goal where all the things are working…

And then you build up a plan for the next steps with obstacles so if something is going wrong you have already thought through that…

You cannot prepare for every adversary, still you are prepared and this gives certainty and confidence.

It is too ineffective to figure out for every situation a solution.

You apply these 80 to 20% rule that you have 80% of all situations a solution and the other 20% you are uncertain…


What do you make in a chaotic situation to stay calm without to freak out or freeze up; or fight/fly response?

Learn to calm down so worse it gets.
Learn to think through situation under stress.

Train yourself when you have fear and uncertainty to stay calm and to think…

Breathe deeply in your anxiety and relax, or make sport…

Look what you can control in this uncertainty, so it becomes more certain.

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