Plan everything and be happy with everything

As a kid you have planned your future… But your future or God knows it better…

I came in so many bad situations in my life and even said I cannot plan my future.

But my parents thought differently.

It is good to have a plan.
But other people in your life have a different plan and you have to integrate this in your plan.

And then some stupid politicians are changing your environment, circumstances…
Like the COVID-19 and you are bankrupt…

Suicide I hope is no option.
To punish yourself will not motivate you…
To accept the situation and to be thankful, even everything went upside down is always the best option!

The entrepreneurs who accept fast their failures are the most successful entrepreneurs.

The people who accept fast their losses, mischiefs and misfortune are the happiest people.

But even better is that you are thankful for your misfortune and look for the learning and the positive aspects…

Because everything has a positive and a negative side and both sides have the same size, even we don’t see that.

If we even dare to plan every detail what we like to get, then that is the best recipe to become frustrated.

If I see all of these concepts to make a perfect goal setting and to imagine that we will get that… How crazy!

I had always in my life goals! And I did not visualize the details for what? God should decide what is best for me… We have Christmas and you say exactly what you want as a Christmas gift… Where is the surprise? That is boring!

When I went through the goal setting from A. Robbins… even the spouse is perfectly planned, what habits, how she looks… So, our subconscious should automatically filter out the correct spouse as we desire.

This never will work; we attract what is inside of ourself and not what we want. If we are in a bad mood, we attract people who are fitting to this mood…

It is psychological proofed that we attract a person as our spouse that is similar to our parents. Because we can deal with such person much easier…
So, for what is this plan good?

Let God decide what is best for you… His will should happen and not necessary your will.
And that is the secret of life…

If we get what we want we should celebrate that…
If we don’t get that we want, we should not complain, but look for the good things and what we can learn…

Remember always, we don’t have anything under our control.
And this is the reason why the older, wiser people are so humble!

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