Sleep better with Lavender Oil

It works excellently for sleep problems…

We need to use 100% essential lavender oil and not this scent!

There are a number of scientific studies that suggest that lavender essential oil has strong sleep-inducing properties.
Not only can it improve the quality of your sleep (including those with insomnia), but also how long you sleep, so making you fresher and more alert during the day.
Essentially, lavender works by soothing the central nervous system and promoting slow-wave sleep, which helps you sleep longer and better.

So, while lavender oil might seem like something that just smells nice, it can pack a pretty powerful (and well researched) punch when it comes to helping you sleep better.
The results are compelling – using lavender as a sleep aid works…

With lavender oil our sleep gets deeper, with this deep sleep our body repairs, recharge, heals and detox.
We get REM sleep, wherever we dream.
With lavender oil we get 20% more deep sleep and hence less REM sleep… And this is much better.

With Lavender oil we improve the sleep of every age!

Lavender Oil reduces Stress and Anxiety.

How to apply it?

1. On the skin…
Put the Lavender oil, before bedtime, on your pulse points of your both wrists, or on both of your temples, or behind of your ears, or at the base of your throat, or on the back of your neck.

For babies under 6 months don’t do the Lavender oil on their skin.
If you are hypersensitive then delude the Lavender Oil with other healthy oils, like coconut oil…

2. Inhale it:
Use a cold diffuser and put some drops of Lavender oil in it, or mix a few drops of Lavender oil with hot water and keep it in the sleeping room, so that you smell the Lavender when you go to bed.

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