Something about love

The devil was struggling. His devils asked him, what should we do, the people help each other and caring lovely for each other…


Yes, and it worked and works everywhere!

The problem is if the LOVE is missing everything will capsize.

The love should be our driving force for everything…

Why doesn’t the public therapy for drug addiction, or depression is not working?

Why are these so famous Indian spiritual Ashrams have an issue with suicide?

Why are all the Religions failing to give the people the faith and care that they need?

Why are the people drug addicted?

Why are the people social media addicted?

Why do people choose FaceBook or Instagram over love?

Why people choose an unhealthy lifestyle?

Why the NATO countries are choosing Sanction and war to make the world better?

I was in many Ashrams and spiritual growing communities…

And even in Ashrams that were caring for the poor people…

Still, there was no love but cruelty in daily life to function!

For instance in the Ashram of the “Mother of immortal love”, a mother needed milk for her baby and she was willing to pay for it… She got rejected …
Yes, every organization is cruel…
The cook in the kitchen could not give her the milk, this was permitted! How to get in a huge Ashram milk that had even cows?
Not possible! Even so, I tried my best and then I bought the milk outside of the Ashram.

In the same Ashram happened this …

A mother and a baby were playing on the beach and the mother left the baby to get a ticket to visit “the mother of immortal love”… The baby went into the water and was drown…
100 of devotees of that Ashram did not do anything to rescue that baby, they just watched it. Even the sea was calm and easy to enter with a perfect sand beach. I swam just 20 minutes before that incident in the Ocean. A roommate of mine came too late to rescue the baby and the devotees abused him, that he dared to enter the sea.

And then they put a signboard in English that the people should not swim there, but the issue was that the Indians can’t swim… and most of them could not read English.
For what reasons were the signboards even before that accident, that the Western People should not communicate with the Indians?

This was too much for me, and I left the Ashram, even it was Christmas! Afterward, the book “Holy Hell” about that Ashram was published from one of the dearest devotees of this “Holy Guru” of that Ashram! Read it!

I have seen only one Ashram where love was the driving force! And that was the Ashram of Osho in Oregon/USA…

Osho said: You only can help or transform people if you do have a loving heart!

There is only one remedy. LOVE!!!

Kindle love in your heart and the world will change!

If you have love in your heart the world becomes amazing.

The morning will be inspiring and so awesome beautiful …

Just only through love…

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