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The 8-Step Method To DESTROY Fear & Anxiety!

Fear and anxiety held 90% of the population in the USA, back to get what they want. Even so, many hard-working and talented people, don’t get it because of fear and anxiety.
Imagine with which people you would be together, in your personal or in your professional life, if you would not have fear?
It keeps us from sharing our gifts with the world, and loving ourselves.
Even worse chronicle anxiety causes heart diseases, Alzheimer’s, reproductive problems, and memory loss/

8 proven strategies

1. To lead with curiosity without judgment

Instead to push away thoughts of fear…

Ask Yourself: what causes the threatening thoughts?
Is there a pattern when it comes to your anxiety/fear?
Is this related to a specific day when your anxiety reaches its peak?

1. Why do you feel this way?
Is your answer instructive or irrational?
For an instant, to lose all of your wealth for no logical reason…. Is irrational.
Or to lose all of your wealth because you risk your money to lose to make a big profit… that is instructive.
If your thoughts are instructive, then don’t risk your money on dangerous assets.
If the thought is irrational, then take time to go through the reasons to lose all of your money.
Make a list of why you can’t lose your money and why you can lose your money? …
Prioritize your list.
Fear is done.

If again we get into these irrational fear thoughts, just look at them, get your lists out… or write them down and so you distance yourself from that negative thoughts.

2. Figure out if you procrastinate on purpose…
Ask yourself: Are you doing too much or are you planning too much for the future…
In these cases, procrastination happens through overwhelming.
If you are constantly paralyzed through stress and anxiety…
Or if you have a too demanding job, don’t try to make a new startup.
Remember less is much more…
Relax and reduce your stress by doing and planning less.

Procrastinating on purpose, – is not giving up your dreams.
Postpone your tasks/plans/goals to get free time to relax and enjoy your time until you have enough time to do it.

What stories in your life do you want to accomplish?

For instance, to have an own firm, to be a great passionate father, and to live a healthy lifestyle with enough body exercises and with meditation.
All other dreams skip if they don’t fit into these 3 categories.

3. Have grounded game play.
This means in times of huge stress and anxiety we need the plan to go back to a relaxed condition and enjoy our life.
Something that calms you down, like meditation, sports,
or lavender oil that calms us down,
W. Hof’s method for stress, see my blog.
Or ask yourself what you are grateful about…
What you will do to help to relax tomorrow?

What you are afraid of? Do it.
The best boxers have fear before the fight, still, they do it!
Most of our fears come from not taking action…
If you do that action, fear is done…
Make a fear list, look at it every day and do it…
Every day if you expose yourself, to your fears, your fears will be reduced.

5. The neuroscience process is described in 5 steps.
Feel your fears until they are done.
Confront yourself with your worst fears…
Zen: feel your fears, but don’t be your fears.

1. Feel your emotions, regardless of what, cry, be angry…
Express fully your emotions…
2. Reflect on your emotions. Why do you feel anxious?
3. Write your emotions on a journal/paper.
4. Check what you have written down. How do you feel now, when reading your emotional journal? Do you feel guilty?
5. Reach out for help. Talk to a therapist or somebody that you can trust. And treat yourself gentle, do what you love. Remind yourself that this emotion will not last forever…

6. Keep notes for rainy days…
Remind yourselves, how many difficult things we have already mastered/accomplished/overcome even with our fears/problems?
Write down little notes about what great things you have done already…
Remind yourself, how much you matter, what you have accomplished, your gifts, your uniqueness, and things that you are grateful for?

7. Apply the Litchfield formula
In the book how to start living and stop worrying; by Dale Carnegie.

1. Analyze the situation in that you are worried about.
Terminate the worst outcome when you fail.
2. Accept the worst outcome.
3. Try to improve the situation to protect yourself from the worst scenario.

8. Turn your anxiety into your superpower.
There exists an evolutionary reason for our fear.
When We are overwhelmed, stressed, anxious,-
we try to reframe our fear into something positive… a great challenge.
In these stressful moments, we can develop superpowers to overcome that situation…

All want superpowers…
What we do need to overcome this challenge?
The reason for that anxiety is to become successful.
Imagine your fears and check if these fears can help you to overcome that problem when you act in a better way…

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