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The best cream for your skin.

Good ingredients make a good cream.
What is not eatable don’t put on your skin… because eventually, it will go into your blood.
Natural Beeswax is used for 1000 years for the skin and is magical for healing the skin.
Cold-pressed coconut oil is saturated oil (with less unsaturated fatty acids… every unsaturated fatty acid will produce at the end aldehyde). Coconut oil disinfects and is good for the skin.
Gee should be the best oil…
Chamomile and turmeric are one of the best herbs for healing the skin. And you can eat them also.

You need:
1 cup of cold-pressed coconut oil.
Beeswax, food-grade best natural quality; 30% of the volume of the coconut oil.
1/2 cup of Chamomile herbs.
1Tsp Turmeric.

Put into the coconut oil the Chamomile and Turmeric…
Let it soak for 1 day…

Filter out mainly the Chamomile

Heat up the coconut oil slowly indirect, –
Put a small pot in a water pot filled with warm water…
Heat slowly up the water so that the oil is not getting over 45 Celsius.
Cut or grind the beeswax into small pieces and let it melt in the coconut oil.
Stir the coconut oil with the beeswax.
And fill it into a small container.
Let it cool down

And then cream your face with this magical cream…

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