You can enjoy everything

Money is the tool, not the goal.

Once I get rich everything will be fine…

Interview with Roger Ver, bitcoin millionaire, net worth $500 Mill.

Happiness is a mindset… You can be happy everywhere and even right now!

When I was in a prison, I learned that lesson!
Even in a prison, you can be happy!

There was a fun letter circulating in the prison, the 100 reasons to be happy when you are in the prison.

You don’t have to worry:

1. What to cook for the dinner?
2. When do you have dinner?
3. Paying your electrical bill, water bill…?
4. What do you will wear tomorrow?
5. What you have to buy for Christmas?

Once you have your routine down, your friends, and your positive mindset and accept, that this is a part of your journey.
Then everything is fine.
Then you can enjoy your time.

Sure, you can also enjoy your private jet, your luxury cars when you are out of prison…

But if you compare yourself with another guy who has more what you like, you are in the wrong place. Then you suffer!

Focus on what you are doing.
Focus on your own life.
Enjoy your time, your friends, your family.
Don’t be complaining about that.
Start to appreciate the life around you.
Don’t worry about other people who have more worries about your life…

The big or fast luxury cars are fun for some days and afterward, you don’t care…

If you want that, figure out what other people need and serve them, and then charge them.
The path of going rich is to give other people what they want…

Does a human being have a dysfunction about money?

Most people don’t understand what money is.
Money is anything or everything but these things are not working as money, like the bottle of water, laptop.
You don’t want to wind up with a pile of money, but with the things that you like, enjoy…
Focus on the things that you enjoy.
Money is not the end goal,
but the things that you enjoy.
More time with your family…


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