The USA has a Money Democracy

In the USA the candidate for the nomination for the presidency needs the funding for his/her campaign…

The citizen of the USA can only vote for a nomination that got the money from mainly 400 Families…
This means no money, no presidency…

The public was concerned about the protests in Hong Kong because there is no real democracy…

1200 Hong Kong citizens (0.02% of the population) should decide which candidate for the nomination, of the Chief executive…
That is not a real Democracy, even the 1200 citizens were coming from the business, and are loyal to China.

The USA has the same system…
No money, – no nomination, – no chance to become president of the USA…
400 Families in the USA are the main sources for the funding of the presidential campaign. Besides that, the money was coming from Israel for the funding of President Trump.

Boss Tweed, the political leader, got it right.
I don’t care who does the electorate, as long as I get to do the nominating.
If you control the nomination, you control the candidate or you control the ultimate election. Or the politic.

Texas got it even better only white people could vote in a Democratic primary. And the Democratic Party was always winning the Election.
The Africans could vote for the General Election if they could be registered for that…

The Democratic campaign needs to be privately funded… So, Israel is also funding.

The money chose the candidates and the people vote for these Money-candidates…

Getting the money needs time and effort. So 30% to 60% of the senator’s work is to get the funding.

For the 2015 election, 400 Families have given 50% of the funding…
How much is the minimum to be relevant for selecting the candidate?
More than $5000 funding, means 55000 people and that is 0.02% of the USA population are relevant for electing the candidate.
China has stolen the idea from the USA for the election in Hong Kong because they have exactly the same system and even the same rate 0.02%.
Violation of Copyright!

That is Banana Republic Democracy… Corrupt… Yes…

Martin Giles (Harvard) did the biggest empirical study, that representation of actual decisions by the USA government of the last 40 years!

Who represents the decisions of the USA?
The views of the economic elite.
And organized interest groups.

No chance, for the average voter to influence the decision of the government.
Better to eat Bananas than to care for politics…

In the USA, the money determines the nomination of the Presidency, what is different from Hong Kong?

The USA has no real Democracy

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