Rudi Zimmerer

The Illusion of Truth

If we are exposed again and again to a wrong narrative, we change our belief and eventually think that this information is true…
We call this brainwashing!
How our brain work to make that happen?
Cognitive ease is a measure of how hard your brain is working.
From easy, – Facebook, too hard – for instance, multiply 14 times 37 in your head.
Things that are true generally elicit cognitive ease.
Like fire is hot,
Or compare how feels that dogs have 5 legs?
These truths feel good and are easy.
Cognitive ease can also be stimulated by repetition.
For instance:
Nonsense words were repeated and printed in newspapers…
The readers were asked after some time, do the nonsense words are good or bad?
So more repeated so better became the nonsense words. Because the nonsense words became familiar and triggered cognitive ease.
And so are working today, our advertisement and our controlled censor media to articulate that Russia and China are bad….
Every new piece of information is threatening our minds, because we have to look deep inside the information, and cognitive ease is not triggered. After repeated exposure, cognitive ease is established and truly not threatening information is not threatening us anymore.
Cognitive ease is also established with images that have high contrasts.
Cognitive strain is established with videos with noisy audio and low contrast quality.
Because then our mind is looking for threats…
The same is true for easily readable text in bold letters compared to difficult readable in small letters, low contrast letters…
The same is true for Lawyers with easy, memorable names compared with difficult names.
Or for abbreviations on stocks on the stock market…
We want easiness and what is difficult is not attractive to our mind.
And so we are easily manipulated through the media…
Learn to be critical of information that feels true!!!
For instance, I needed only 2 hours to find out that the CO2 nonsense is not true at all…
We had 100 years ago a much higher CO2 level in the air than today! And the CO2 level in the air doesn’t drive up the air temperature. Higher air temperature is driving up the CO2 level. If we continually cut the forest/jungle, near the equator, that we do today then our temperature will increase!
So many jungles were burnt down in Indonesia, and Cambodia; and cut in Brazil and Malaysia in the last 10 years because of this CO2 level nonsense!
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