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The life-threatening Wim Hof Methods.

At least 13 Wim Hoff practitioners died doing his methods.

One of his greatest admirers and devote Dr. Scot Carney is telling his story.
He had done for instance with Wim Hof the Kilimanjaro climb with only wearing shorts at -30 Celsius…

Wim Hof’s organization is facing multiple lawsuits for killing people ($67 Mill) when doing Wim Hof’s methods, ice bath plunge and breathing method…
His organization is covering up their misfortune.

I got angry when I heard Wim Hof say that plunging in an ice bath will cure every disease and heal even trauma.

This claim made so many so-called wonder healers for 1000 years and all failed to do so. All of these wonder healers made a ton of money… And even worse Wim Hof killed people with his

Wim Hof and his experts are not competent to teach Wim Hof breathing methods and ice bath plunges, because they don’t have the insights of the physiology of our body or ignore them!

Wim Hof recommends doing the Wim Hof breathing exercise in conjunction with the ice bath plunge. And that can cause death. Because you can pass out and then drown!

The dangerous Wim Hof breathing method…
First, you do hyperventilation and then stop breathing for 2-3minutes.
When Wim Hof taught his breathing methods to cardiologist Dr. Rohan Francis.

Dr. Rohan Francis told Wim Hof:
“There is a well-recognized physiological response that hyperventilation followed by breath holding can trigger loss of consciousness and coupling that with immersing yourself in water, then there is a risk of blacking out and potentially drowning even in a small volume of water. “
What already happened.

Even after Wim Hof was well informed about the risk of his breathing method, he still teaches his breathing methods and even worse in conjunction with ice bath plunge!
Also in his online courses, he teaches these methods.

And he knows that his methods have killed at least 13 people!
And this is irresponsible…

Maybe a coincidence his wife and the mother of his 5 children committed suicide… And Wim Hof doesn’t like to disclose the reason for her suicide. We see again, Wim Hof’s “don’t care attitude for people”… After her suicide, he started his iceman career to forget his guilt emotions…

How to do it in the correct way?

Dr. Sörenberg is the expert on ice baths and sauna, and do her protocol.

I recommend, doing first the traditional sauna or exhausting body exercises to heat up the body and then the ice bath.
Afterward, do body exercises to heat up the body again and don’t do the “horse stance” recommended by Wim Hof.
That has been proved for 1000 years and testified by Prof Dr. Sörenberg/Prof Dr. Huberman as the most efficient for the health of the body!
Even better I do Prof. Dr. Huberman’s most efficient breathing method, two times short inhales through the nose followed by one long exhale through the mouth in conjunction with the Ohm sound…
The Ohm heats up the body and connects you with the navel chakra to remain conscious.
Recommend from the Buddhists and all Asian martial arts.

Actually, I didn’t have any problem doing the ice bath, and plunge, because I come from North Europe and have done Sauna including ice baths every week, snowball fights, or lying naked in the snow.
And this is true for most of all of my friends. But still, we had all kinds of diseases.

My Video: The life-threatening Wim Hof Methods.
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