The Longing for Wholeness

Somehow we all feel that there is something missing when we are not occupied. Be it to work, to do Facebook, see videos on YouTube…
If we finish something then we are in a void,- like when we switch a gear in a car we have to pass neutral. And with this neutral we are unsatisfied. Even we pass the neutral when we switch gears, our car is still moving… and so our thoughts.

In the situation of emptiness, we can face:
Fear of a void or emptiness.
Fear to be alone.
Fear of purpose, mission.
Fear to be unimportant
Fear to miss-out.
Fear to be meaningless.
Fear not to have the right drive.
Fear to wast our time for meaningless things.
Fear of death.

All kind of these fears indicates that we don’t feel whole.

If we want to avoid that void should we be always in the Hamster Treadmill?

Imagine you are in a talk with your new boy- or girlfriend and then it happens that nobody is speaking. We feel directly uncomfortable.- Because we want to keep talking, instead to feel the presence and love of our darling. In this case, the silence of our talk is the best what can happen to us. Because it force us to feel instead to be in our head occupied with talking.
If lovers would talk less they would love more!!!

Our mind or ego does not like to stop or to finish and then to be meaningless.
We can’t stop our thoughts, we even think more when we have finished something.
And then our suppressed fears are creating a stream of thoughts, that most of the time is negative.

It is ridiculous that we must be always occupied for not to be in this void or break!
Instead, we should enjoy our void and relax!

We run with all of our activities away from ourselves. The wholeness is inside of ourselves and we try our best through our activities to avoid our wholeness. The wholeness is in this emptiness or void, but we can’t feel that.

Imagine you are sitting in the waiting room of a doctor with many people in front of you. You expect to wait 2 hours for the doctor. The doctor has no TV, magazines, Internet and it is forbidden to use your smartphone because it interferes with the medical devices. And talking is disturbing the doctor.
What for a torture!!!
The doctor can’t understand the problem of waiting. Because he loves to meditate and to repeat the name of God in his free time. His focus is on God and for him is God the greatest thing besides his selfless service to humanity!

If we learn to do like the doctor we are eager to use our void/free time or break to focus on God and meditation. We don’t need for that a meditation room, meditation music…, we can do it everywhere.

We can be whole when we meditate, relax and/or focus on God! We never can feel wholeness when we are occupied with worldly things! Worldly matters can only give us for a moment peace and then we are again in the Hamster Treadmill!

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