The Meaning of Life

Life has neither a meaning nor no meaning (Osho).

If we see our life…

We get born into a family that we didn’t choose and get educated through them, that we didn’t like and learned a skill to make money…

And then our sexual desires awake and we want:

1.) To enjoy our sexuality with a deep love, -maybe our happiest moments in life.
2.) We marry and get kids, have to earn enough money and suffer through that.
4.) Most of the people get a job that they don’t like and even earn too less money.
3.) After the kids are grown up and leave us we suffer through aging, diseases, loneliness, and too less money.

Krishna said worldly happiness is in the beginning Paradise and then Hell … I agree.
Krishna said religious happiness (Satchitananda) is in the beginning Hell and then Paradise. I totally disagree…

Hazard Inayat Khan said: When the inner path doesn’t lead to more happiness, you have done it wrong or you have chosen the wrong path!

We all have a biological clock ticking inside of us that is determining our psycho and life.
If we distract from our biological mission, (sex, worldly love, kids …) we have to suffer.
After we pass by, we can’t live our worldly desires. We become spirits who can just watch and never participate in the world again.

The philosophy, religion, and spirituality have tried to give our life a focus, purpose, mission or meaning.

Most of the philosophers have failed in their own life. Even they have given us a good direction, they could not live it by themselves… Their philosophy is only partially working. Because everybody is different and need to go his/her own path.

Even we give our life a mission, to become that expert, star, … It is not enough. For instance, most of these great stars were drug addicted, took suicide, died early on cancer and heart attack.

The great experts suffer so much because:

1.) They never have enough success, money, attention, fame…
2.) They are too focused on their goals.
3.) They don’t care about their health, fitness, families, kids, friends, and religion.

I think, a philosophy regardless how good can’t give our life a fulfilling meaning.
We need a connection to God or to our spirituality that gives us happiness.

Goethe: The true happiness is the inner happiness that is independent of worldly matters.

The Religions were created to market God/Moksha/Paradise/Enlightenment to exploit the people.

The good spiritual paths (Sufis, Taoists, Yogis, Free Mansions…) were created to give our life a meaning.

We find through the inner path:
1.) the peace of mind,
2.) to enjoy bliss,
3.) and spiritual happiness without chasing worldly matters.

We don’t need:
1.) to prove anything,
2.) to accomplish anything,
3.) and to get attention/ love from anybody…

We learn to have compassion and love for others without to get love from them.

With the focus to serve God and humanity, we get what we want.

We can’t find lasting happiness/love through the worldly matters because worldly matters increase our Ego. And Ego is sorrow.

Selfishness will lead to more sorrow. And it is true that we need also to live our selfish desires. We have to balance our spiritual path with our worldly desires.

Can we change our spiritual path?

Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan said change your spiritual masters so often as it is necessary. Everybody is different and not everything is fitting to us at every moment in our life.

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