The problem, the people judge you.

The people judge you what you have accomplished in your life.
How much money you have?

They don’t care how well you have done!
And that is more important than anything else!

Who cares at the end how much money you have and what you have accomplished when you die?

You cannot buy time!

If you have lived what you wanted, regardless what other people thought about and enjoyed that. You have much, much more realized than all these crazy, stupid accomplishments…

Think over, you have $2000 and you buy for that a car or you invest it in traveling that you enjoy.

With the car you have a status with the traveling you have just ”only” some pictures, memories of a joyful time!

What is more?

For most of all people I am a total idiot… I agree to that!
With the connection of my father and my great abilities as a problem solver (engineer) I could earn Millions…

But for what (I need very less for my living)?
Instead, I had chosen to live for over 20 years under the social minimum, to have more time for meditation.

I was over 10 years in meditation retreats in Germany and India.
Still even more stupid I separated from my wealthy and highly political/influence family, 30 years ago!

For all materialist, I am an idiot.

But for God, all materialists are stupid, because they care for money and fame more than for God!

You never can buy happiness.
And it is so easy on the spiritual path to become blissful.

I discover more and more techniques to become blissful and there is no end.
It is just easy!

If you have a real God connection regardless which religion you become blissfully by repeating the name of God.

And you learn how to relax easily. What you want more? That is priceless.

This over-stupid argument when you have money you can help much more…

For God counts the attitude, if you sacrifice with love a glass of water on the altar, then that is more than $1 Billion without love!

One disadvantage, I cannot go to any party because the people will not accept me, they bully me on 50% of all parties where I go.

And then I hit back, the arguing stops and the people run away and let me alone.

Okay, this price I have to pay, I cannot be together with nonreligious people. Great, in any case the nonreligious people are not interesting for me!

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