Rudi Zimmerer

The radio is more dangerous….

The radio is more dangerous than a nuclear power bomb.
(Albert Einstein)
Albert Einstein saw that the government had a tool—the radio—to manipulate society in every direction. What would he have said about TV?
Say no to TV and the media! We are wasting so much time with boring and stupid movies. Most movies have negative contents like crime and brutal murders blunt our senses. If you like to see good movies get them from the DVD shop for a penny or see them on You Tube. In addition, we can easily renounce advertisements. As someone who has traveled a lot, it’s safe to say that the media is lying and cheating us.
The purpose is to make us fear, so that politicians can control us easier, to suppress news in order to keep us in our comfort zone, and to cheat us so that we chose the same politicians who were cheating us. In Germany, the press is very negative, and insurance companies earn the most money.

“The correct diet for the mind/soul is more important than the correct diet
for the body.”(Osho)

We have enough of our problems to solve; we do not need to feel worried, sad, depressed, angry, or afraid about the problems in the world, which are far away and have nothing to do with us personally. We need to focus on our tasks, that we are giving our best in our own lives. This has nothing to do with egoism. It’s okay to feel sad about disasters, but can we eliminate the disaster through our sadness? It is more that we can serve less through our sadness.

If we think about how much time we spend watching bad news, and afterward we were arguing, feeling stressed, and could not accomplish our tasks. Then the bad movies and bad music are driving or influencing our lives in a wrong direction. Do you think that brutal, horrifying movies do not influence you? If you do not believe me, then stop watching TV and other negative media for three months and then you will see how much your life has changed for the positive. If we want to live a positive and healthy life, then we should omit the negative stuff. Can you tell me what advertisements are good for—the consumer, the films, or you? We do not need all the advertisements; five percent would be enough.

We use TV as a drug to forget our problems.

That is the reason why we cannot stop watching TV. We need something to suppress our feelings and problems in order to relax. Why do we need to run away from ourselves? Afterward, our problems are growing and we are losing.

I have seen it again and again that families without TV live a more fulfilled live.

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