The Remedy of Envy

We are all human beings and we have sometimes envy and resentments against people who make it better than us…. The envy is coming from our animal mind and is hard-wired in our mind-body complex.
Who wonders that animals, for instance, the dogs are envy…?

The roots of envy are that we compare other people with ourselves.

When we compare us we want to become better and are encouraged by our fear, envy, resentments that somebody is better.

What is if our envy is blocking us?
Then we give up too soon because we can’t see our progress … We want it too fast…

Even when the envious person succeed he can’t celebrate because he is too focused on the other person who seemed to be better.

There is always somebody better in some area …

Why should we compare us?

Why do we like to suffer that somebody is better or has more?

Why are we not satisfied with what we are or have?

Why are we not thankful for what we got?

When I am envious, I look at what I have gained instead of what I miss.

And as a spiritual being, I am happy what God has given to me and that I am still alive.
God has saved my life many times…
And I remember that …

Remember your worst times and be thankful for what you have now, instead to complain.
Don’t compare yourself with another person. Because every person is unique.
Celebrate the success of other people.

Then the envy is gone.

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