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The trueness of the coronavirus

I will prove here scientifically that the coronavirus is not dangerous at all and is nothing more than the flu or a common cold …

The new coronavirus infection has a 2% death rate this means 98% survival.

One person infected by the coronavirus infects only 2 people…
This means it is not very infectious.

For instance, the infection rate of measles is: One person infects 12-18 people.

The coronavirus is similar to the common cold and it hits mainly people over 50.

Only in a combination of another disease or medicaments that weakens our immune system the corona-virus has a chance to kill…

The length of this illness is 7-10 days.

In April the coronavirus will peak …

And then the Herd immunity will kick in!
The more people get the virus, so more recover and that protects those who have not gotten it.

What was the death toll of the coronavirus in the past?

In 2002 the coronavirus (SARS-CoV) spread in 37 countries 800 death toll.

In 2012 the coronavirus (MERS-CoV) spread in 27 countries 858 death toll.

How many people are dying every day by cancer or heart problems?

The Acute Respiratory Infections (like the common cold) is caused by:

55% Rhino-virus
23 % coronavirus
10% Influenza

“We have here a problem of a Virus mania. And that is a social disease of our highly developed society.

If we want to cure any diseases we should require to conquer our fear.
Our fear is the most deadly contagious virus most efficiently transmitted by media…!! “

Quote: Dr. John Bergmann

Error is human but to preserve an error is diabolic. Etienne de Harven M. D.

We should strengthen our immune system!

1. Deal with your physical, chemical, emotional stressors. Stress can kill everybody and weakens our immune system.
2. Get enough deep sleep.
3. Go to the Sauna.
4. Drink a lot of hot liquids.
5. Do regularly on a daily basis your body exercise.
6. Conscious breathing exercises like the Wim Hof Method will be perfect.
7. Get a Collodial silver nebulizer.
8. Eat or drink tea with Garlic, Onions, Ginger.
9. Add Vitamin C, D3 to your daily diet…

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