The world is a dream?

Nothing is real all is illusion…

When the great Philosopher Berkley said this, Johnson kicked him against his leg… The Pain became his reality…


Sorry, through religion we all had been misleading…

Before the Fall of Constantinople (1453), life was sorrow for the Christian, and the life’s purpose was to go to the paradise. Until today, for the religious people of India, everything is predetermined, nobody can change his destiny, the world is unreal, or a dream (so not God,- ) and the life goal is never to get reborn. Because life is sorrow? Because we love to suffer and not to be responsible for everything in our life!


What we believe that become true! If we believe that everything is predetermined or destiny that we have to live this life; can’t change our destiny … For sure this will become true! How would it be, if we believe that we can choose our life/destiny???? Then our agony is over! That is our choice!


India has suffered so hard from these religion misconceptions, it got from the Muslims overrun, afterward from the British empire… Still, theses misconceptions are in the brains of the Indians. Because it serves the lazy people so well, – live in a pig stall and close your eyes…! Everything that we see is a reflecting of ourselves. If for instance, our toilet is dirty, then our attitude is maybe wrong.


If we like to do an exercise for some time and think, life is a dream.- that is okay and we don’t do this for our entire life!


Nobody lives in the reality and our reality is so real as our consciousness. If our awareness is growing so our reality. If we like to become rich, we have to change our consciousness, and so our reality will change.


For the religion, it is the same and even much easier. We don’t need to believe in anything until we experience it. If we want to experience a different religion reality, we have just to make the right exercise, nothing more. And so I did, I started with rejecting every religion and God came to me!


Vivekananda said: If there are two gates one to become enlightenment and one gate to hear about enlightenment, almost everybody will choose to hear the lecture about enlightenment.


Until we are doing the right exercise that is fitting to us, we don’t get anything on the spiritual path… Maybe this is also true for becoming successful?!


Do it! Go for it! And thinking without action will never work!


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