To enjoy life is exhausting

To enjoy life is exhausting and to suffer is easy! Why
If we like to enjoy our life, we must feel full responsible for every moment of our life and can’t blemish people or circumstances for our happiness.
If we want to suffer, then we just push our responsible for our life to other people/circumstances … The best example is Nick Vujicic – no arms, no legs, no worries . When he was close to suicide, because of his shortcomings in life, his parents said, it is your choice to be thankful every moment what God gives you, or to complain. And you will find always a reason to complain and to be thankful. That is your choice! Today he is married with a beautiful wife, has two children and has enough money, even he sacrifice big money to the poor people.
We create our happiness and unhappiness by ourself.
When Nick liked to marry, he had to find a wife. He said, if I don’t ask this girl, to date her; I have lost this opportunity in anyway. If I ask her, then I can win or lose… there is no other conclusion then to ask her. The guy who like to suffer, don’t act. It is easier. Because there is no risk and you can complain…. Easy. My great Guru Bhagwan said, You can change the situation or accept the situation, complaining is no choice. A religious person will never complain.
The world is changing every moment. If we don’t like to change/learn, then we can’t adapt on new situations…. Then we have to suffer…
If we want to be happy, we have to change us always and we have continuously to learn…. Exhausting!
So older we get, so less we want to change and to learn. Who wonder that the old people suffer?
I have known happy old people and their attitude was always, that they like to learn from the youngster, they didn’t had that ego to be wiser then the younger people. And for sure they had been humble….
The happy people have to look always for the good things, even in the worst situation… After the law of polarity has every thing two sides and both sides have the same size. This means we can find always the good and bad things in every situations… why we should not focus on the good things…? Complaining and to suffer is easier….
If our life is getting boring, because we don’t want to take a risk….then we suffer every day more…. Instead to live an exciting life, even it is so exhausting!!!!
If you have the choice between the pleasurable/comfortable and the good, chose the good, because the pleasurable/comfortable is very often the bad/evil… from the Hindu Vedanta.

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