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What are friends?

For individuals and different countries exist different definitions of what is a friend.

In Germany, we discriminate between business friends and friendship.

We can discriminate between 3 different kinds of friends:
True Friends, friends for entertainment, and friends for business.

1. A true friend is a person that you like and that you do feel attracted to.

You tell your real friends, your secrets and honest opinion…
You want your friend to be honest and not cheat on you.
You like to be together with your friend and share things, and opinions with him/her.
Both help each other even in scary moments.
With a real friend you can steal horses, we say in Germany.
A good friend never will reject you or fail to help you if this is possible for him/her…
Some of our friends are coaching us and helping us with private/personal problems.
You never would borrow money from a true friend… Because this will destroy every good friendship.

2. We have friends for entertainment, fun, hobbies…

We do appreciate them and we do know that this friendship is limited to entertainment, fun, and hobbies.
So we don’t build up a true friendship as I have described before. And we tolerate many habits from them, that we never would tolerate in our true friends or business friends.

3. Alone we never can survive in a business. We need to build up a network to do business. So the bigger the network so better.
We want business friends who are reliable and don’t cheat us.
For sure, we do also business parties and invite our kids to such parties so that our kids can get the same good connections to other business people as ourselves.
For our business, we need also coaching and advice.
We expect honest advice from our coaches/business friends and so trust them!


What kind of friends do you want?

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