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What is ADHD?

Is Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

The people who have ADHD:
Cannot focus on one subject.
Are very impulsive.
And losing fast their attention to something or somebody that is in front of them.
They don’t care what you are saying…

5 to 8% of the population have ADHD.

How to describe it?

If you have a TV and your remote control is broken and is changing after a short time the channels.
That is ADHD!
We call that the monkey mind, which jumps from one branch to the next branch.

If we have always problems focusing, even when trying hard…
Or we get stuck on a channel and can’t pull ourselves away.

How to recognize ADHD?

A. Attention deficit:

1. Often fails to pay attention to detail, therefore, can make careless mistakes frequently.
2. Has difficulty holding attention to tasks or hobbies.
3. Does not seem to listen when spoken to directly.
4. Often does not follow through on instruction and can fail to finish work.
5. Has difficulties organizing tasks and activities, poor time management, disorganized.
6. Dislike that needs sustain effort and will avoid them.
7. Will often loses things necessary for tasks and activities.
8. Is easily distracted by stimuli, it could be outside or even their own thoughts.
9. Is often forgetful in daily activities like keeping appointments.
We should have 6 symptoms, at least for 6 months, then we have ADHD.

B. Hyperactivity and impulsivity

1. They will often fidget with or tap hands or feet, cannot sit still.
2. Leaving their seats, even when seated is expected, have trouble just being there.
3. Often run out or climb in situations where it is inappropriate, feeling restless.
4. Unable to engage in leisure activities quietly.
5. Often feel like they are on a go. Driven by a motor.
6. They often talk excessively.
7. They’ll often blurt out an answer before the question has been completed.
8. Has difficulty waiting for his or her turn.
9. Often interrupts or intrudes on others.
We must have at least 6 of them or 5 if they are above 17 years old.

ADHD IS HIGHLY treatable.
With stimulant medication we can boost our neurotransmitters (dopamine) so that we can focus better and remain alert; it can help to 80%.

With these drugs we can improve:
Impairs executive functions like planning, prioritizing.
Ability to sustain effort toward a goal.
Our ability to regulate our emotions, our behavior, our sleep.
It can affect every aspect of our lives.

In addition, if we do:
Cognitive-behavioral therapy
Or regular exercise
We can improve many of our deficits.

We try to understand our brain and so accept our situation.

We need to schedule our time so that we are doing the things that we want to do.
We are making lists.
Keeping up the time, check again, what time is it now or using a timer.

What is good about ADHD?

Generous, funny, creative.
The chances are 3 times more to start their own business.
Thinking outside of the box
Working with ideas that are new.
Wrestling with problems that are challenging.

How to deal with ADHD?

Using the pro abilities,
Connecting with other ADHD


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