What is bad about sex?

What is bad about sex?
1. Judging,- Every thing is just so, nor good or bad …. We make it bad or good, still it remains as it is,- neutral.
2. Abusing sex…. Every abuse shows our weak side; it shows how much we need sex and don’t get it…, that we are jealous, that we are dishonest….
3. Too much or too less sex harms our body…. (Monks, nuns have double so often prostate cancer, breast cancer) and too much sex weakens the immune system. What is too much sex? – If we are too drained out through sex.
4. Nearly all women diseases are caused through suppressing and refusing of sex. I went through 136 women diseases for my book (Heal yourself and stay healthy)… If the women would enjoy their sex and to be a female; then there would be no reason for female diseases. Why women are getting so punished from the nature? Because the nature needs children. Essential women are the most important creatures, because only they can get children.
5. Shame of sex. Nearly every mutual person has and need sex; has a sexual drive. So what is special on sex? Why we can’t speak over it normal? We just put a stick in a whole and then our phantasm are getting crazy….. Why we want to hide it. The Koran says shame is a sign of dishonesty. … There was in Singapore a guy who had posted a picture and a report in the News; about that in their family tradition, they assist the son during his first time intercourse…. and he got abused….I would be happy if they had assisted me when I had my first time intercourse, because I failed and it was so painful to fail in the bed.
6. Guilt of sex… For what is that good? Get rid of it…. We are all a product of sex.
7. Not to enjoy sex. Why not to enjoy it; sex should be a normal part of our life. Many people are getting fat, because they don’t live enough their sex. So more corpulent the female body so less feelings are in the vagina… science proofed.
8. Frigid… is psychological (see Impotent) or caused through a dry vagina (oil helps).
9. Impotent…. are caused through: guilt of sex, bad consciousness and a weak blood circulation (for that helps fasting for at least one week, or colon cleaning from the Internet shop Blessed Herbs, or sexual organ massage from Mantak Chia). For the psychological reasons make Therapy, Tantra, Tao-love groups. …
The Chinese define sex as healthy and if sex is lost, then the immune system is weak….to have sex until they die is healthy. Even with sex we can cure our diseases, if we apply the Techniques of Tao-love (Tao master Mantak Chia). Actually I have cured my Spine (broken disk) with it.
I had started very late with intercourse (25 years), after many failures in sex, I made Tantra I and Tantra II and became an expert. I practice also Tao- Love from Mantak Chia….

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