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What is Denialism?

Webster puts it like this:

The practice of denying the existence, truth, or validity of something despite proof or strong evidence that it is real, true, or valid.

In the psychology of human behavior, denialism is a person’s choice to deny reality as a way to avoid a psychologically uncomfortable truth.

When someone’s been fed untruths, and they ate the whole bowl… it is incredibly rare to find the individual that can say:

“Dammit, I really thought I was right about such and such, but now I see that I swallowed the whole ring of baloney.”

Why is that so hard? Because it makes them go through the “pain” of realizing they’ve been duped and no one wants to admit they were conned. No one.

People like to think of themselves as smart, so finding out that actually they’ve been hoodwinked into believing something false, implies they weren’t so smart.

So, instead of swallowing the pride, and standing up like a strong man or woman and confessing they were wrong… they simply deny the reality, no matter how many facts you present to them. Their ego, their pride, their insistence that somehow they’re right, won’t allow it.

And that problem I face again and again…

The people get brainwashed by the media and don’t question their information….

I needed only 1 hour to find out the CO2 Climate change, narrative is a hoax…

I learned to think and act logically when I was working for science in different areas…

We found out that science will produce nearly every proof or evidence for a plausible theory when a sponsor is paying for that!

And that is mandatory to understand, for the rest of your life…

We worked on the research of the artificial heart for months and we didn’t get the results for simulating the heart…

I was so desperate and then I questioned our given formula for the simulation…
The formula was wrong and even our Professor got his Professor title through publishing this wrong formula, but even worse, he had copied this formula from a dissertation of a University in East Germany!

I got upset, we changed the formula and our Professor had to accept that he was wrong…
Still, we had to work for years to get only one Medicine science publication (after 40 science publications you will get a Professor title) for simulating the heart.

We are just slaves of the matrix! (look the video: “The Matrix”)

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