What is, if you don’t commit to 100 %?

When you have made the decision and follow the rules/strategies to 100%, you don’t have to think anymore…

You just act accordingly …

For instance, the bravery of the soldier of Napoleon/Hitler… they just act accordingly, not thinking, no guessing… this means full commitment… No problem anymore

If a person, even he is the worst sinner, has made the decision to become a yogi, he is already a saint… Srimad Bhagavatam

If you want to shift your life, you just act…

For instance, when I understood that eating meat is stupid, unethical and for what is this good… I changed immediately.

When I could understand that eating only raw is the best I could change immediately…

When I could understand that total surrender to the inner part instead to follow my ego…
For what, should I live such a lousy ego life?
I could change immediately.

When I convinced quite a lot of people (even my best friends) to stop smoking, after some time they were disgusted to smoke … and stopped smoking…

Imagine, if you are compromising your decision then you never have made the shift to be on a higher level….

And even it is only 2% that you compromise to eat unhealthy food… You never have made the decision to live healthily…

For instance, it was really magical when our Asram was traveling through India that I could get everywhere my raw-cost. Because I have made the decision to eat only raw-cost, I attracted everywhere my bananas, fruits… And that even when I was hiking in the Himalaya…

If you don’t have made your decision to 100% you will attract everywhere your own resistance …

The first step:

Convince yourself to 100%

For instance, I always find enough material to write every week my 2 blogs, because I have made the decision….

And I hate inconsistency,… Sorry, I can’t hardly accept inconsistency people… It is for me so disgusting… Because it is disgusting, I don’t want to become that.

Second step:

Hate inconsistency …
If you make your decision, you cut off all other things that are not in line with your choice…
All successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common, they went through that never return option… and all unsuccessful entrepreneurs didn’t make it until the never return option.

For instance, I never could convince me to marry. Why? I want to have sex with my darling regularly and for that is the marriage the worst place. I have never seen a marriage that would work out for me.

Third step:
You need a raw model to follow up…

My Video: What is, if you don’t commit to 100 %? https://youtu.be/wZMXA9KFBp0
My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the end.
My Audio: https://rudizimmerer.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/5/What+is+if+you+don%E2%80%99t+commit+to+100.mp3

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