You have to know when it is over

When I saw on YouTube the last fights of Muhammed Ali, it was just such a disgrace…

Or the singing Career of Whitney Houston… Disgrace

But if you compare the singing of Babara Streisand, Michael Cohen … It looks so that it becomes better so older they are.

But you say that it is singing…

Look what is doing Jacky Chan so older so better, and today he is the highest-paid actor in the world… age 65…

When we reach our zenith, we should be grateful and start something new.

How can we find out that we can’t go higher?

Simple, we lose our interest.

If you are not any more enthusiastic about the things that you are doing for a long time,- the time is over. Start something new.

And that is true for every area of our life.

The best is, we start our inner journey when we have reached our Zenith…

Why… If you know the method to become top you can become top in every area…

For instance, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Greatest bodybuilder, actor, filmmaker, and then Politician (Governor of California) …

What is missing… To become a Yogi, Sufi,…

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