What is the biggest killer?

Health expert, Dr. Mark Hyman reveals:

Our Food!
Our whole Food chain is messed up and credit directly to 11 Mill. deaths every year.

If we look wider, 50 Mill people die directly and indirectly by the industrial processed food every year…

Even smoking, violence, wars don’t kill so many people than our industrial processed food every year…

Alone the white sugar harms more our health and kills more people than smoking… And white sugar is nearly in every industrially processed food…

In the last 40 years the chronicle diseases and obesity sky rocked…

40 years ago, in the USA was the obesity 5% and now it is 40%… And 80% of the African Americans are overweight…

The reason is that the Food producer are producing food that is addicted, like sweet- sour, with white sugar, junk oil…

6 out of 10 Americans have chronicle diseases.

And most of the chronicle diseases and obesity can be prevented just by choosing healthy, natural, unprocessed food with enzymes and natural vitamins.

Besides that, what is the biggest industry, with the biggest revenue in the world?
The biggest industry in the world with $15 Trillion revenue every year is the Food Industry!!!!!

70% of our global products are industrial processed food.

And the biggest Food companies that are producing mainly all industrial processed food, including the fertilizer, pesticides and medical/drugs are controlled by less than 50 CEO’s…

It is getting even better, 30% of the cost of medication is caused by diabetes…
20% to 30% of the today population, depends on the country, have diabetes.

Alone the insulins producing companies are a $1 Trillion business in the USA.

2024 the USA governments have to spend $1 Trillion/year for the health insurance….
This will be a huge threat for the economy, security… because the USA has only one choice, – to print money.

The good news, the USA cannot recruit fat men for the military… so there will be a lack of soldiers…
Even in most cases the cause of diseases and inability to serve during the American wars, – the soldiers were obese and not injuries…

The explosion of chronicle diseases cannot solve or cover any health insurance…

So the food chain has to change…

My video: What is the biggest killer? https://youtu.be/kAZ72sWHcUw
My audio: https://console.aws.amazon.com/s3/object/rudizimmerer?region=ap-southeast-1&prefix=6/What+is+the+biggest+killer.mp3






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