What to do when we face a traumatic event?

All people had a trauma already.
How many face their traumas?
Tiny numbers.
Because people think that what they are, is the status quo and never question their trauma responses, or emotions in specific situations.

What is the level of trauma…
Define traumas: it is an extreme emotional response to an event, that is extremely stressful, and life/psychological threatening.

This extreme emotional response is also connected to our nervous system, and there exist 4 different responses to that traumatic event:

Flight, we try to escape.
Fight, we fight what is threatening us.
Freeze, through our huge fear we can’t respond anymore.
Fawn, we don’t care for our own needs and try to please the people that threaten us.

If we enter a similar situation to previous traumas, we respond very similarly to our previous traumas, even if it harms us…

And we want to be neutral to every event that happens to us.

How to become neutral, so that in an awful situation we don’t trigger our flight/fight/freeze/fawn response or that this awful situation doesn’t consume us?

That is not possible, because we are humans that can feel and so we are not designed to be neutral.

There are always threatening situation or situation that reminds us of the past and that can trigger our responses/traumatic emotions from the past.

Our system wants to protect us, so we repeat our traumas in such situations…

Can we delete such traumatic experiences/memories and prevent our traumatic response?

Our brain stores our memories in different forms, for instance, the memories of:
Factors (data), sound, image, smell, and emotions…

Therefore, our different senses and memories can trigger a traumatic response, that we mostly cannot prevent!

We can train our senses to be neutral in a specific situation.
For instance: specific skills (dangerous sports, battlefield) that are necessary and possible…

The best way to prevent traumatic responses is to HEAL THAT TRAUMA!

I have healed traumas with Bioenergetic, EFT, and hypnosis…
There exist so many other methods,…
The easiest way is healing traumas with hypnosis, as Freud has done so. And not with Hypnosis combined with NLP, because healing with NLP will harm us later!

What to do during family events, that still trigger our emotional responses negatively?

Our trauma responses are embedded in such events …

How to train our nervous system to be neutral when together with people who have triggered our traumas?


1. We deeply breathe in our emotions to relax and to be aware of which situation we are in. And then we can distance ourselves from that situation to become neutral.
At least we do that breathing for 5 minutes.

2. Instead of deep breathing we do deep breathing with humming in our emotions. With humming, we can heal our nervous system.

3. The method is Rocking.
You swing your body and breath deeply in that emotion.
Remember, you had been a baby (not for aliens) and your mother calmed you down with rocking…

Or do all of them together.

We have to train daily our nervous system not to get traumatically triggered, like the soldier on the battlefield…
Do these 3 exercises on a daily basis when you want to relax, so that it is handy when you need them!

My Video: What to do when we face a traumatic event? https://youtu.be/CvEfitikX-4
My Audio: https://divinesuccess.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/Podcast2/What-to-do-when-we-face a-traumatic-event.mp3

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