Why Does Evil Exist?


We all have to discriminate when we act, between good and bad actions. The temptation is often quite high to do bad actions…
This we can call the evil in us who is tempting us to do bad…

In the end, I will describe Satanism…

The old Egyptians (5000 to 3000 years ago) had a God who decided which person had an afterlife and which did not, depending on how he had balanced good and evil actions…

Zarathustra was the inventor of the personalized Evil/Satan 3500 years ago…

Both concepts have overtaken the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish-religion.

The reality is that these religions lived well from this concept!

If we look at brain scans we can find out which people have no empathy and fewer emotions, we call them Psychopaths …

If psychopaths have no or less control over their actions/impulses or themselves, they can become evil people who ruthlessly kill, torture, and rape.

And actually, that proves a survey of the most violent murders, killers, they are all psychopaths with less control over themselves and very less empathy.

Are Psychopaths evil or not?

Today, politicians who are doing evil things in society are more or fewer people with no empathy and they get voted!

Are these voters who are voting for politicians with no empathy, evil or these politicians evil or both?

In the Hindu religion has everything a place in our life and should not be abused…

Evil people are needed:
To wake up the society/people.
For wars.
To challenge us
To become creative to overcome them.
To create heroes who will eventually kill them.
For entertainment…

The next problem is our misunderstanding of exorcisms …

All religions had done and doing exorcisms to release the bad spirit from a person that got occupied by a bad spirit.

We do have bad spirits and they occupy weak people with less willpower, mostly women…

Are people evil, who are occupied by bad spirits?

Satanism is a group of ideological and philosophical beliefs based on Satan.
The contemporary religious practice of Satanism began with the founding of the atheistic Church of Satan by Anton LaVey in the United States in 1966…

What do they do?

They torture, rape, and kill people.
They like to destroy their enemies…
They like to interfere with the worship of God.
They like to destroy religious people.

For Satanism exists, Satan or Evil…

And the reality is that there is no Satan or Evil.

The stories of Satanism are so horrifying…
Satanism is forbidden.
Everybody, who had experienced or seen Satanism, should go to the police and report it.

My Video: Why Does Evil Exist? https://youtu.be/2ZQe3UWPdrM 1`
My Audio: https://divinesuccess.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/Podcast3/Why-Does-Evil-Exist.mp3

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