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Why Life Seems to Speed Up as We Age?

The solution to slow down your time is at the end of this blog.

When a test was conducted to check how long is one minute, the younger people under 30 years estimated the minute very exactly.

The older generation above 60 years old, typically overestimate one minute to 1minute 30 seconds or even longer.

As usual, I estimated 1 minute even 8 seconds shorter… with my age of …

When we get older the rate at which our neurons fire decreases. So our internal clock is slowing down, which makes everything else faster and the external time seems to speed up.

Our sense of time depends on how much we focus on something…
So we don’t notice that time is passing and that makes time feel in the moment shorter than they are actually is. At its best when we are going “in the flow”.

Another thing that appears to make time speed up is repetition…

For a kid aged 5 years old, time goes most slowly because everything is novel or new to you. – No repetition.
And therefore the brain of a 5-year-old needs to use more energy, so the brain takes 66% of all energy.

So what can we do to slow time down?

Everything becomes a routine or repetition and we are scared to perceive every moment as a new moment… Repetition is a good for to do a meditation out of it and then it feels much longer.

We learn to distract ourselves and even when we focus on something, then that makes the time pass by. –
Instead to condition ourselves to live relaxed in the here and now.
This means, letting go of the past and don’t live in the future.

Less is much more.
If we try our best to seek the most out of our holidays or to gain the most… We are losing time.

Just this very moment is enough, we slow down with the things that we do when it is possible instead to rush and hurry up.

The path is the goal
And even more when you are not focused on your goal and be relaxed, you are much more creative and effective

We try to be aware always on our emotions, we chose to feel them and of our thoughts.

Being afraid increases our perception of time… Live riskier and so in the here and now.

Scare yourself, and take extreme sports.

Our holidays, feel like they go by really fast, but when you think back upon them, they last a long time.

Because you had a lot of novel experiences and your brain formed a lot of memories.
And it judges the duration of that vacation by the number of memories that were formed.
All that novelty means lots of memories means it feels like it took a long time, but at the moment, it felt fast.

Albert Einstein: put your hand on a stove for a minute and it’ll feel like an hour, but sit next to a pretty girl for an hour and it’ll feel like a minute.

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